The Succulent Power of Choice And Imperfect Action

2014 New Year

No idea on where to start with your list of new years’ resolutions? Find you end up procrastinating rather than taking action? International bestselling author, Shannon Bush, explains how being imperfect is the best action of all.

Life is for living. Life is for celebrating. Life is not something that you should watch pass you by. Life is something to take action on and in. Life is filled with choices … and I choose me. 

I wrote these words during an end of year reflection, not realising they would become my mantra for the coming year. In that year I turned many years of passion, research and work into a book to share with others some of the magic that is available when you choose yourself and take action on that choice. It’s something I call personal leadership.

Personal Leadership, at its core, is a succulent combination of committed choice and committed action. When you chose to lead your life you choose positively. It’s not a selfish act if the intention is pure and focused on self-acceptance and acknowledging your truth. Instead it is a selfless act as you choose to put yourself first so you can become your best self, warts and all.  When this happens you’ll attract all sorts of wonderful opportunities and experiences and you will feel genuinely like you can and do have it all.

In my work as a coach and trainer supporting women in business and life I find that there are many self-imposed limitations that can get in the way of you being able to become a leader. Rather than explore the common ones I see playing out here’s two key things you can get started with to turn your life around starting now.

Live Your Innate Personal Leadership Style

Making a choice is taking action. Making a choice that’s steeped in self-support and self-love is adopting and expressing a positive mindset or an optimistic, success fuelled attitude. It really is as simple as starting with making a choice and choosing you above all else. Imagine for a moment how much better your relationships and experiences would be, how much richer they would become and how amazing you would feel if you were looking after you first.

What’s your Personal Leadership Style? Every single one of us has a combination of personal leadership archetypes that together create our Personal Leadership Style. They become the expression of our innate strengths, our greatest challenges and provide an empowering framework for self-discovery, self-acceptance and the unearthing of our own path of ease.  Discovering your innate style, the style you were born with, expands your ability to choose and accelerates your effectiveness and sense of satisfaction in all areas of your life.

Take Imperfect Action

It is far better to take some action rather than waiting until all your ducks are lined up in a row.

It can be easy to get stuck, bogged down, feel overwhelmed or off track. It’s at these times that you feel like you can’t do anything, you just can’t take action. I know when I’m feeling like this I say “Why bother?” and “What’s the point?” and in the past I would have spiraled down into a not so good space and even possibly had a little bit of a pity party for myself while I was there. I’ve seen my clients and my friends do the same. You are not a product of your environment and external circumstances unless you choose to be.

Things are different now. Instead I am reminded regularly of the power of taking imperfect action. It is far better to take some action rather than waiting until all your ducks are lined up in a row looking fabulous and doing the right thing as they shake their tail feathers than to do nothing.

Start your day or week by asking yourself “What one thing am I going to do today or this week that I have been procrastinating about getting done?” Don’t wait for things to fall into place. Act now. Taking action is powerful. It creates flow and flow leads to momentum and results.


Shannon Bush is an international best selling author, one of Australia’s leading authorities on Personal Leadership and host of a global small business radio podcast show reaching 5000 plus listeners weekly. As a coach supporting women to create more of their own succulent effortless success, Shannon advocates passionately for all women to understand that we all have a delicious path of ease waiting for us. Discover yours today by applying for a no-obligation complimentary discovery session with Shannon at

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