Balance: Is It Really A Myth?


Balance. Is it all one big magical myth or does it really exist? Columnist and international best-selling author Shannon Bush gets to the truth of the matter.

One thing I find in my work is that the increasing number of choices, opportunities, commitments and demands overwhelms many people in today’s busy world. In my experience this seems to be a bigger challenge for the women I meet, many who are business owners or climbing the corporate ladder and trying to find time to find and create the balance they so desperately seek. They want it all but just don’t know how to achieve it. They want balance between family time, work time, friend time and relationship time and sometimes, if they really know what they want they also include me time in that list.

The thing is I hear so often is that balance seems to be a magical myth many women believe only a few of her sisters in life can accomplish. So the question I wanted to explore today is, is balance one big magical myth relegated to only a few of us or is it an achievable commodity that any women can master? To be honest I believe it is possible to create balance in your life. There are however, a few key strategies that you might need to grasp in order to achieve your own version of balance.

Here are my top tips for creating your own balancing act.

Define balance
How do you know you’ve achieved something if you don’t know what it is you are aiming for? The first step for achieving your kind of balance is to get clear on what it actually is.

Make a choice
Creating balance can include making some tough decisions.  Once you know what balance means to you, you can make the choices you need to make to invest your time, energy, emotions and even your finances into the things that will create the balance you seek. Make a choice about what’s important and let that guide your path to balance.

Learn to say no
Okay, so this can be a big issue for a lot of us. When you want something important then not only do you need to make choices but also you need to learn to say no to things that don’t support you. Remember, every time you say yes to someone you are saying no to yourself so you do know how to say no. It’s about knowing who or what to say no to.

Learn to say yes
When I’m supporting my clients in their quest to learn to say no more often (unfortunately I haven’t yet met someone who doesn’t have something in their lives they could say no to!) then I like to highlight that in saying no to someone or something you are also saying yes to yourself. That is a wonderful thing. Say yes to you more often, and even if you remain busy you’ll probably feel a whole lot better.

Imperfect action is better than no action
A few years ago I had a great mentor who was a big advocate for taking action and specifically for taking imperfect action. If you’re someone who waits until everything is perfectly aligned before you make a move you may never make that move, take that action, feel ready or ever achieve what it is you want. Taking some sort of action is far better than taking no action at all.

Always factor in ‘me time’
As a busy woman you probably let yourself slide way down your priority list.  How can you expect others to value you and treat you how you deserve to be treated when you’re not showing them you care about and value yourself. Imagine what you’d say to your best girlfriend if she told you she was struggling to find the balance and time for herself in her day and then take your own advice!

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Shannon Bush is an international best selling author, one of Australia’s leading authorities on Personal Leadership.  As a coach supporting women to create more of their own succulent effortless success, Shannon advocates passionately for all women to understand that we all have a delicious path of ease waiting for us. Discover yours today by claiming your complimentary discovery session where you’ll receive Shannon’s expert assistance to clarify 4 personalised strategies to maximise your effectiveness and increase your balance instantly at

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