We love fashion. We love Australian fashion. And we love Australian women doing amazing things in fashion.

Just like mother and daughter combo Yolanda and Chantelle from Brisbane-based jewellery brand, Sistaco.

Yolanda and Chantelle are both extremely hard working and motivated women who are seeking to make a difference in the world of women. From humble beginnings, selling their jewellery at local Brisbane markets, Sistaco has continued to grow and now stocks over 400 stores throughout Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

The name Sistaco came after it was decided to support women in Australia and abroad in the spirit of sisterhood. A large part of their philosophy is to inspire women to be themselves and to be strong, independent and confident.

Sistaco donates to numerous women’s charities and fundraising events throughout Australia. They also cur rently support the Awaken Mozambique charity which helps women start their own businesses through micro-financing.

The Sistaco brand believes in the worth of working towards a worthy goal and hopes to grow a company that continues to support more woman related causes as it expands. After launching in Canada in August this year, Sistaco also plans to continue expanding throughout America and Europe.

1. Cortez $54.95
2. Love life turquoise $39.95
3. It’s summer  $44.95
4. Night watch black $44.95
5. Rainbows end $49.95
6. Sistaco Life’s Pleasure $69.95

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