Walk a mile in my shoes


Emma Witham, like most women, loves shoes. In 2014 she decided that she would define her life by her shoes … and create balance one step at a time.  

Are you defined by your job, status, wealth, and family commitment? I decided in 2014 that my life was going to be defined by my shoes. Like most females, and (more and more males) I am a lover of all things shopping, however maybe there is some relevance to the topic specifically shoes.

I personally have been known to be a work-a-holic. After having a nervous breakdown a few years ago from working in a high-pressure environment and role, a conscious decision was made to make changes to my life. I took time out from the corporate world, and was shocked when I looked at my wardrobe and only found corporate black heels.  At that point I had walked many miles of my life defined only by the black heels, and when I took time out I struggled to find definition.

I realised that to be happy I needed to have a balanced life.

So with one foot in front of the other, I started to make changes to my life it started with a new pair of running shoes and I ran on the river every morning.  It was from there that I started to gain a new perspective on life and I realised that to be happy I needed to have a balanced life.

A few months later, I was offered a new role in a construction company and the change was exactly what I needed. I got the steel-capped boots and different outlook on what work-life balance meant.  I still worked very hard, however I realised that didn’t need to be from dawn to dusk.

It was at that point that I found time to meet up with friends and family outside of work and going to cafes, seeing movies, hitting the beach in my spare time. I realised that it wasn’t comfortable going to these places in the corporate heels, the running shoes or the steel-capped boots, so I treated myself to some new sandals and thongs.

Over time I have added different shoes that are symbolic of changes and choices I have made to find, and maintain a balanced life. With technology and mobile devices rendering most of us to be available 24-7 for work and other commitments, it is easy to lose balance.

If you walked a mile in your own shoes, how balanced are you?










Emma Witham

Post completing a Bachelor of Psychological Science (BPsychSci) Emma embarked on a career in Recruitment, Organisational Development, Business Development, Business Management with a range of Clients predominantly within the construction industry.  After working with a global consulting firm where Emma was a nationally awarded and recognised sales driver she was offered a range of projects and developmental opportunities that saw her both in mentoring and leadership roles as well as management. With the opportunity to join a small firm and build an east coast presence for a construction consulting company Emma took the challenge and met and surpassed the requirements in under a year. To which an opportunity to build a consulting firm specialising in Business Growth Strategies emerged. Over the past year Emma has partnered with a range of Brands and Companies from Start-Ups to National and International companies with one key goal, to better align the Business Strategy and encourage business growth and profitability.





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