How to attract your soul mate

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Still looking for your soul mate? Or are you lucky enough to have already found him/her? Well, sought-after spiritual mentor Debbie Zita, tells us that our soul mate is out there … and in fact there may be more than one!

This is a topic that is close to our hearts. It is the subject matter of so many books, movies and songs. Many people spend years in night clubs, online dating, blind dating and anywhere else we think love might be – constantly searching for that one elusive person to call ‘home’.

What if we had many soul mates?

What if your family, friends or even your e-xes were all soul mates?

A soul mate is defined by the Urban Dictionary as ‘a person with whom you have an immediate connection to the moment you meet’. This can be quite a comforting notion as it means that the journey to our ‘life partner’ is spent meaningfully. Think about what you have learnt from the experiences you have gone through in your search for love.

If you have been on your search for that one life partner or ‘soul mate’ for a while, here are some tips to help you along the way:

  1. Take advantage of the single life: Being single is a brilliant excuse to be selfish. You have no one to answer to but yourself. You also have the perfect opportunity to learn what it is that you really want from life and love. Use this time as your very own social experiment. Taking a positive attitude like this will also draw you to new experiences and new people.
  2. You are fine just as you are: The single life can be a lonely place for many. It can feel at times as if we are drowning in a sea of despair. When this occurs, it can be quite common to shift and change who you are, just as a way to ‘attract’ who you think you want. For a short time it feels reassuring that we are once again ‘coupled’. But do not be fooled, eventually the walls come down and we are seen for who we really are and we see what really is. Most often, this will end in heartbreak and we are left asking ‘what is wrong with me?’ Absolutely nothing! Just be you and see who shows up.
  3. Get really clear: Clearly defining the characteristics that you want in your life partner is a brilliant way to assist in actually manifesting what it is that you really want. What qualities are on your non-negotiable list? This means what does your partner have to have in order for you to move forward together. As an example, being an honest person is usually high up on the list. Within your non-negotiable list this would mean that no matter how good looking or great in bed this person is, if they are dishonest to you, they are no longer in the running to be your life partner.
  4. Honour your feelings:  As much as it is wonderful to have a positive attitude in life and dating, it is also vital that you truly listen to what your heart is saying and what your mind and body are needing. Heartbreak hurts and it is okay to feel sad and hurt by this experience. If you are not able to move through the phase easily and on your own, know that it is okay to reach out to a trusted friend, a professional like a coach or a counsellor. It can also be very healing to write about your feelings and read and learn about yourself.

Lastly, hang in there. Most of the population is on the exact same search as you are.

We are all just searching for love.

P.S. The sooner that you can love yourself, warts and all – the sooner your life partner will find you!

Debbie Zita

Debbie Zita is a highly sought after spiritual mentor for women entrepreneurs. She has been busy changing lives on and off stage at various women’s business and spiritual events and has been blessed to have trained with Cheryl Richardson (author of The Art of Extreme Self-Care), Reid Tracey (Hay House CEO) and Doreen Virtue. Debbie currently mentors women to live the life and business of their dreams.

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