To Stress or Not To Stress? That Is The Question


Stressed? Well, it might actually be good for you. Health psychologist Marny Lishman tells us that we need a bit of stress, otherwise life would be a little boring, and quite frankly unhealthy.

“I’m stressed.”

Well actually today I am not, as I have had most of the day off, but there are times when those two words have been uttered by me in response to ‘How are you?’ by a friend.

I am sure I am not the only one here.

Stress is a funny one. Us humans, as amazing as we are, are biologically wired to be able to handle big stressors. Back in the day, when we were chilling in our animal skin bikinis around a fire near our caves, we were quickly able to fight or run away from a prowling sabre tooth tiger. No worries.

However, in terms of coping with stress in 2014, we are just not doing it well. Well most of us anyway. There are a myriad of reasons as to why this is, but I am not going to go into it here.

Stress is that state of tension within us that occurs when there are too many demands on us, whether that be demands in the environment we are currently in, or us just kicking back and worrying about something (that might not actually be reality). Stress not only has a physical effect on our body, but it can also affect the way we think, feel and how we behave. Have a think about what you are like when you are a bit too stressed? Is it a bit different to the super cool you when you are not stressing? I bet you it is.

Stress gets a bad rap. We always think of it as such a negative in our lives, but we also have positive stress too (called Eustress), which still manages to cause the brain fog and the nervous tummy – remember going out on a date, planning a wedding, having a baby, or maybe all of that happening but in the reverse order? Anticipating exciting things, but still stressful. Yes?

We need a bit of stress, otherwise life would be a little boring, and quite frankly unhealthy. This is because you wouldn’t be very motivated, and you wouldn’t be facing any challenges that life throws at you. You probably wouldn’t bother pursuing any awesome goals either.

It is Eustress that fuels our successes and our achievements. It gives us our mojo. We need it. The most important and wonderful things you have done in your life so far have been fueled by eustress. These things need to continue to happen in your life now, to give you that natural high. You need more of them. Good outcomes emerge from some stress and this type of stress balances out the negative stress and the effects of that.

So what stress are you going to create for yourself today?

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Marny Lishman

Marny is a Health Psychologist with over 10 years experience. Over the years she has experienced working with hundreds of people with all kinds of health issues – from individuals living with mental health problems through to people living with chronic health conditions. But really, she is a helper of people who are totally out of balance, and she has devoted most of her life thus far to studying and helping others get their health back. Marny runs a busy private practice and also runs online modules. She is putting the word out that you can control your health. You will find her at:





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