Why I am spending a year saying ‘yes’


It may be a little late in the year for the announcement, but what started as a quiet and personal challenge on 1st January 2014 has uncovered results that have been pretty profound and amazing.

A little background.

If I had a dollar for every time I have read an article on how to be more productive, how to say no without feeling guilty or the latest time management hacks, I would be sunning myself on a tropical island living off the interest in my bulging bank account.

The sheer number of articles there are on the subject of time, balance and productivity and the amount of friends who tell me how “busy” they are, illustrates that I am not alone with my first world problem.

There is increasing pressure for us to be able to establish boundaries and to say no and not feel guilty or to not be torn by our conflicting responsibilities. Every professional person I know feels like this at least once a day, if not more. So why on earth would a busy person decide that she will spend the year saying yes more often?

So why on earth would a busy person decide that she will spend the year saying yes more often?

When you read as many professional development books as I do, there are certain themes that run through them all. Successful people are generous with their knowledge. They are, where possible generous with their time. They surround themselves with other successful people. There is of course a whole list of other things that they do and for the most part so do I.

Yes – The Project.

I made a decision just before New Year’s Eve this year that 2014 was going to be the year of yes. The idea being that if I said yes to others, that energy would be returned in people saying yes to me more often. I am a marketing and sales professional; I have made a living from hearing people say yes to me. What I was hoping for and seems to be happening is so much more than closing a sale or growing my business.

My year of yes is about moving away from the feeling of always being in a rush or under time constraints and to stop hiding behind the mantra “I’m so busy.” Living with this mantra constantly playing in my head suggests that there is no time for the important people in my life but is also prevents there being any space for new opportunities.

I know that this sounds very new age and as open minded as I am; ‘hippy’ is not a term one would use to describe me. Here is what I have found; by saying yes, I am open and I welcome new opportunities.

But how does that look in real life? I am taking a few more risks. I am not ruling anything out. I am more trusting of my instinct. I have spent time and shared ideas with some pretty inspirational people. I have had some phenomenal business opportunities that I would certainly have missed. High impact community projects would have slipped through my fingers.

The results so far are pretty profound.

I dare you to join me in my Year of Yes … if the last three months are anything to go on this will be one very interesting ride.


Kylie Gabutto

A born presenter and sales person, with passion for marketing and a knack for getting things done, Kylie has had a varied and interesting career.  She is currently writing her first book and is in the final stages of developing the LAUNCH Program, an on-line program for people who want to get focused and pursue their entrepreneurial dreams. She is professional and is always positive. Most notably, Kylie is motivated.  She understands what she wants out of life and pursues it with passion, integrity and intelligence.  She is a game changer. www.kyliegabutto.com



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