Feel The Fear … Then Do It Anyway

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Something I have learnt for myself is to recognise where my motivation lies. There are two motivators in life: love and fear.

Each individual has a choice – which of these will I align to? Every person walking this earth has the ability to make this choice.

I know this as I do it for myself. I have learnt to press the pause button and consider what is happening inside me at any given point in time. What am I feeling and what is motivating my reaction, my feelings, my thought processes?

Every person walking this earth has the ability to make this choice … fear or love.

When I first considered running my own business I had to process self-doubt and other fear based emotions. Having taking the steps forward and become self-employed, I continue to experience fear – opportunities come my way and I often find myself feeling scared. I feel fearful of taking the step and scared of seizing the opportunity.

So, what do I do? I recognise in that moment what I am experiencing inside. I pause … I allow myself to feel the emotion. I then consider, where is this coming from – fear or love?

When I recognise the fear, I do it anyway. I know the feeling of fear will keep me stagnant and I won’t move forward if I allow it to take hold. I could choose to not take action: that would be the easy thing to do.  I know I don’t have to take action.  I can stay where I am.

… Where is this coming from – fear or love?

However, when significant opportunities have come my way during the course of running my own business – when I have felt the fear and taken action anyway –wonderful opportunities have manifested.

These opportunities include not only an increase in the number of clients I get to share spirit communication with but also an increase in the intensity and depth of the connections.  Spirit and I work with clients to promote love, healing and positivity.  We are able to encourage others to take steps in their own lives to create positive change.

Every human being has the ability to create positive change.

Every human being has the ability to create positive change. Fear is restricting and time wasting – making the choice to align with love or to, feel the fear and act anyway is empowering and worthwhile.

You simply make a choice.

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Elizabeth Anne Rogers

EAR, Elizabeth Anne Rogers, Spiritual Listener, believes you can transform your life. Whatever you are experiencing, Elizabeth believes if life isn’t the way you want it, you can do something to change it. Knowing you can change and being able to undertake change may seem worlds apart. This is where Spiritual guidance can help. Elizabeth turned her life in a new direction. She has reformulated her belief system and developed her intuitive ability to receive messages from Spirit. Anything we can do to promote love, healing and positivity is valuable. In addition, Elizabeth believes everyone is capable of positive change. www.spirituallistener.com.au

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