Mindset and Mindfulness Workshop – Melbourne

Wired for Life Workshop Melbourne 16 May 2014

It’s your chance to work directly with Hay House authors, Susan Pearse and Martina Sheehan and experience one of the life changing programs they have been running for over a decade. [I personally live by their book and can attest their methods are life changing! Ed.]


What the Wired for Life Workshop will cover

Following on from their best selling book Wired for Life, authors and founders of Mind Gardener have been running sell out programs across Australia so that people can learn the skills to retrain their brains and create the life they want. Melbourne is the very last program for 2014!

Everything you think, learn, see and do shapes your brain and changes your life. But with 50,000 thoughts a day, it’s too easy to become overwhelmed by busyness. If you’re serious about harnessing your mind to enhance your clarity and focus, boost your productivity, and create the life you want, we’ll show you how.

You’ll explore:

The 7 types of thoughts that capture the mind, what triggers them, and how to recognise when they’ve taken over.

  • How the brain uses fear to hold you back
  • Which self talk is determining your direction in life
  • How habits become ruts that are hard to break
  • The contagious messages you catch from your environment
  • The what ifs, to dos and re runs you hold in mind, even when they’re not needed

How to cultivate the 5 types of thought that create the life you want.

  • Waking up and paying attention to the present
  • Being guided by purpose
  • Focusing on your strengths
  • Cultivating healthy mindsets
  • Protecting yourself from the negative thoughts, intentions and emotions of others

What really works when you’re trying to change the way you think, and if you’ve been trying to change your habits of mind but have found it challenging, this workshop will provide the answers and put you in the driver’s seat.

Just $330 for a full day program that will open your mind and change your life!

Wired For Life Workshop

Book at http://mindgardener.com/the-shop/

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Authors Susan Pearse and Martina Sheehan will change the way you think. Their book Wired for Life supplements the Mind Gardener® mobile app and their best selling range of Mind Gardener® Guides, that have been changing lives since 2009. For well over a decade they have introduced practical mind gardening techniques into prominent Australian businesses. Today they are recognised for their longevity in delivering high impact brain based programs, including their popular Conscious Leadership program. Their Wired for Life workshop has been a sell out across Australia and has been quoted as “life changing”

For more information see www.mindgardener.com.


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