Survival In Our Modern Day Jungle

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Let’s face it – life has become pretty hectic over the last few years. Working harder and faster has become a habit for way too many who are striving to stay (or reach) the dizzying heights of career or business success. 

Whether you love it or loathe it, technology is definitely keeping us all on our toes. The sheer volume of information and the speed with which it travels is mind-blowing. The social networking movement means that brands can move from go to whoa overnight, but frighteningly, it can just as swiftly bring man, beast and everything in their path, crashing down.

So, after a few years of head-spinning madness and frantic attempts to just keep up I developed my Grrrr … guidelines – five basic pointers to help me stay on track and survive this modern day jungle:

1. Get focused – Having a plan is a prerequisite to achieving success, and there are plenty of resources to ensure you not only have a butt-kicking plan, but to make sure you execute the plan. Stay focused on what you set out to achieve and don’t get too distracted by naysayers, the competition or Monday night re-runs of George of the Jungle.

2. Reduce the noise – Whilst most budding entrepreneurs have encountered their (un)fair share of pessimists only too willing to pick apart any idea, in my experience the most distracting and damaging noise comes from within. The self-doubt, the fears, the ‘what ifs’? There are various tactics I have used to reduce these dangerous decibels, including;

  • Revisiting my plans and reminding myself why it was such a good idea in the first place
  • Having a good natter with my supporters (bestie, husband, mum) to discuss my fears and to have them remind I can achieve anything I put my mind to. Alternatively, joining relevant networking groups has also provided much needed support
  • Gentle meditation or physical exertion
  • Engaging a business coach.

3. Reward yourself – Celebrating milestone achievements throughout your journey will most certainly provide the impetus to continue on to reach your overall goals. Big or small, it doesn’t matter as long as you never forget to reward yourself for your efforts and stepping stone achievements.

4. Relax – Whether it’s a day spa treatment or catching up with friends, you will feel more energised, more alive and more ready to face the next hurdle as long as you keep up the R & R. For more tips on how to relax, revisit the article 7 Steps to De-stress.

5. Reflect – Finally, there comes a time every now and then for an additional ‘R’ – reflect. This is about continually improving, be it, your product / service or processes. There is nothing wrong with revising your strategy after sincere reflection of prior results.

If you feel your animal instinct is more pussy cat instead of tiger, give the above a go and I’m sure you will be well on your way to ruling your jungle.

So, what are you waiting for? Go get ‘em tiger!


Jodie Dunstan

After completing a handful of degrees and qualifications and changing career four times, Jodie was still loathing the daily grind.  After a substantial period of Monday to Friday misery, Jodie finally paused for breath, took stock and listened to her inner voice. Realising that her abundance wasn’t generated through her highly strung corporate roles, but rather through passionate and sensible property investment, Jodie hung up her heels and threw on her ‘she-boots’. Today, Jodie lives an abundant life, balancing her love for property investment, renovation and development with role of mother and ruler of her household. Alongside this, Jodie enjoys sharing her two decades of property investment knowledge and helping others ‘discover their own pot of gold’ through clever property investment. Find out more at her blog at  or Facebook:



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