What To Do When your Wheels Fall Off


We all have times that challenge us of course, but do you have a sure fire way of recovering when things get pear shaped and your wheels fall off in life?

And why is this so top-of-mind for me?

Well, just last week I was on a fairly tight deadline. My dream new website was going live in just two days. And as I do (yes, yes, despite being a health coach, despite what I tell other people about self care, despite knowing what I should be doing!) I started working later into the night.  Sleeping less.  Exercise was getting flicked off the essentials list, as was meditation and pause time.

And there I was just like that, with my wheels well and truly off!  Tired, cranky, uneven mood, in a heap of exhaustion and with my mindset on the tipping point between “I am so excited, I can’t wait to launch this baby” to “oh my god, I am never going to get all of this done, and it’s nowhere near perfect.”

You see, it is all so intimately related.   The pressure and tight deadline of my new website did not cause my wheels to fall off.   I know my absolute essentials for feeling on top of everything is clean food + meditation + time out + moving my bod.  And yet these were the first things that I choose to sacrifice on the altar of “getting stuff done”

So what to do?

Well like me, the first step is to realise exactly why the wheels fell off in the first place.  Self awareness is super important as always, so when you find yourself in a heap take a few steps back and work out why.  I can tell you no matter what triggered it, the answer will have less to do with the event and more to do how you reacted.  In my case I returned to my old mistake of thinking that working longer = getting more done.  Wrong!

Once you have worked out why, let’s get you back to centre, back to calm and settled and at peace, shall we?

Step One: Up your Soul Food Ante

What is your soul food babe?  Wheels falling off almost always means we are no giving ourselves what we need, so what gets you all filled up to the rim and like your soul is wagging it’s tail?  For me, a sure fire soul food is water.  I love the ocean, I love walking along the river, I love riding on the beach boardwalk near our house.  I love swimming anywhere and a long bath with a candle, some calming music and my art pad is a sure fire way for me to feel a little less ruffled and way more grounded.

Step Two: Let It Go

If you are felling wobbly on your wheels, ask yourself if you are holding on too tight for something.  Like my website, we can all make the mistake every so often of trying to push too hard or hold on too tight to the outcome of a particular event.  Naturally, I have been so passionate about this website launch that I kind of got a bit ummm shall we say attached to the outcome being a perfectly perfect (haha is there such a thing?).  Really the most important thing to come back to is what is your intention?  The thing is, this Universe has your back, so you can take a lot of pressure off yourself by just offering up a simple request and remembering your intention.   Then just breathe and let go of the outcome.  You can never keep tabs on everything, so let yourself off the hook honey!

Step Three: Get Yourself a Power Posse

All of us need to be able to debrief, unload, have a spit and let all that pent up energy + low state of mind + frustration + stuckness out.  The best thing I ever did was learn to ask for help and support.  I am now lucky to have not only a fabbo husband who is often on the receiving end of a vent and a request for a second opinion, but also an amazing group of both personal friends and professional mastermind sisters, mentors and a ‘worth her weight in gold’ business coach.  So when my wheels fall off, I have my own personal power posse to refer to: people who are objective, supportive and will call me on my own BS.  Invaluable at times of self-called crises!  Always.

So honey anytime you find yourself frazzled, take a few steps back and work out the self-imposed triggers to your wheels falling off, then bring yourself back to centre with some soul food, letting it all go and trusting the Universe has your back, and call up one of your power posse!

Here’s to Your Delicious Life!

X Kylie


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