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We are very happy to consider content submitted to us for inclusion in the mag. All content will be reviewed and if we love it, we’ll let you know and publish at our earliest convenience. (Featured articles on people, businesses or products, will not be considered, please see the Advertise With Us page for more information on these types of posts). Below we have some guidelines to assist you in getting your informative and inspiring articles onto our pages!


  • Written articles should be 450 words in length
  • TV Shows and Radio Shows should be no more than 20mins in duration – keep it short and sweet!
  • Please send video and audio files via email or weblink (we will create a promotional graphic so ensure you include the title and hosts names)
  • Send us your name and business name for inclusion (no links will be published unless you are a member of The Champagne Set)

At Australian Content Magazine we have categorised our content into four main areas – please specify which section your content is most suited to:

Abundance: Money Mindset, Business enrichment
Style: Personal brand, self awareness, self-nuture, self-worth, self-love
Ease: Holistic living, Active Living, Health, Meditation, Nutrition
Grace: Living The Best Version of You

If you are unsure, leave it to us and we will ensure you are in the best category for your business.

To be considered for inclusion in the next issue all content must be received by the 15th of each month. We do however reserve the right to use content at our discretion either in an upcoming issue of our choice or in our daily publishing.  Send all your editorial to


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Q. What style should my content be?
A. We say, remember that reading Australian Content Magazine should be a positive, uplifting experience for women. We want them to come away feeling inspired to live their best life. The content should also be light, positive, full of takeaway tips and be fresh.

Q. Who are the target audience?
A. Our readers are savvy females, aged (in particular) 30 – 50 years, often own their own business, many are mothers and most of all they desire to live their best life. They are looking for enrichment, mind and body nourishment, information, relaxation and inspiration.

Q. How can I write for best SEO?
A.  Where possible, have an engaging title that tells exactly what your article is about and reflect back those words throughout your content. Think about what it is our female readers would be searching for on the internet. To ensure your content is picked up by SEO, we may amend your title and edit your article a little. ‘How to …’ or ‘Top tips …’ are great starting points.

Q. How should I construct my article?
A. Your content is best written in short, to the point sections and where possible, your ‘top 5 tips’ (as an example). Our readers are on the go and want great content in small, delectable bite-sized chunks.

Q. Can I promote an offer or my services in the content?
A. The short answer is no. The long answer is that your content is designed to showcase you as an expert in your field, it is where you engage with our readers and build trust, we include your name and business name so that readers can search for you online if they wish to know more. If you would like to promote your services and join an inspiring community of women take a look at The Champagne Set where along with a host of inspiration your articles will feature your name, 100-word bio, photo and link to inspire our readers to take the next step and hopefully visit your website to find out more about you.

Q. I can’t see my article on the Home Page. Where will I find it?
A. You will always find your article by searching the sidebar CATEGORIES – simply look for your relevant category (e.g. Grace) and you will find your article in that section. Because we have have so much fantastic content coming in, your article may be ‘pushed down the line’ so-to-speak. To ensure that your article remains front and centre on our Home Page, you might like to look at our Partner Package upgrade offer. Click HERE to find out more!

Q. Am I able to supply a featured image to go with the content?
A. Absolutely but you must own and/or have permission to use any image you supply (we will not use stockphotos supplied to us). However there is no guarantee we will use it as we want your content to reflect the look and feel of the site. The more your content looks part of our brand and site the better for you!

Got more questions? No problem! Please  fill in the form below and we’ll get back to you straight away!

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