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Australian Content Magazine is a national publication that is born from an online platform where it provides free, high quality, engaging content.

Australian Content Magazine is designed for women who want it all.

These women are savvy, positive-minded go-getters who crave to live their best lives and make their mark on the world. They want to be the very best versions of themselves. They thrive on mindset enrichment, they nourish themselves with informative articles and they are inspired by positive editorials on women, just like them, who have found the way to their most amazing version of their life.

Australian Content Magazine inspires Australian women to not only dream what their best life could be through positive inspirational profile stories, but give them the tools to learn how to live it each and every day with informative articles and advice.

Coupled with the best of fashion, beauty, home styling and travel, Australian Content Magazine shows women they can have it all.

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Tarnya Cook, editor + owner Australian Content Magazine

Australian Content Magazine is owned and run by Tarnya Cook, who loves to bring women together to click and collaborate and show them that they can have more.

Australian Content Magazine was founded by small business entrepreneur, Genine Howard, to show women there is more to life and that they can, should they choose, have it all. Tarnya took over full ownership through the sale of the magazine in 2015.

In 2014 Tarnya Cook had an epiphany, she wanted to help more women entrepreneurs raise their profile and soar in business. The editorship at Australian Content Magazine was a platform on which Tarnya could achieve this dream. And now after taking over ownership in 2015 she is dedicated to growing the ACM brand and bringing to it a whole new level of community.

Tarnya has been bringing women together not only online but out in the real world to be able to connect and collaborate. And is now set to take this nationally and help as many women as she can, achieve their own dreams in business and life.

Tarnya is a networking expert, speaker and mentor having worked in sales & marketing, events and business development, she brings with her a passion to utilize her multi passionate skills and design the life of her dreams whilst being a role model for other women in business to do the same.

Tarnya subscribes to Genine’s beliefs that “there is a better way to live than being a slave to work and others expectations of us.” and that you can create “a life that is balanced, abundant, fulfilling, on purpose … and is one that is content!” She is now dedicated to helping women have more in their business and personal life through Australian Content Magazine and loves to share her ideas through her key note presentations and as a mentor .

Australian Content Magazine is available online at, at, social media and via a weekly Ezine.

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  • High achieving women in business or those aspiring to be
  • Women over 30 who work in the corporate arena or own their own business (or those aspiring to be)


Australian Content Magazine has a growing database of over 1200 readers who receive a weekly Ezine along with an engaged social media world across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube/Vimeo platforms. Initially, each month the magazine has a reach of over 10,000, predominately female, readers.


We have a unique magazine model that offers not only regular advertising but we are also committed to raising women’s profiles. We do this through an exclusive partnership offer, The Champagne Set. For more information on this community of women who want to inspire and be inspired, click below.

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Our mission is to show women they can use the power of positive thinking and mindset to create the life they want.

Our mission is to show women they can use the power of positive thinking and mindset to create the life they want. We do this through inspirational profile stories on successful female entrepreneurs, celebrities and high profile women, along with amazing women who fly under the radar. We show women just what having more in their life could mean to them and inspire them to go out and get it.

Our beliefs;

  • Life should be full of abundance, style, ease & grace
  • We believe every women has the right to live life to the fullest and be the best person / wife / partner / mother / friend / sister she can be
  • We believe that the way to a charmed life is through balance in all areas of work and life
  • We believe that true success derives from self-respect, self-awareness, self-worth and self-motivation
  • We vow to live our own lives and conduct our business with the very best intentions of living a life  that is on purpose, is full of abundance and one that is grateful for each and every day
  • We believe that to live a charmed life one must enjoy living in the moment … and a few glasses of Champagne and a good sense of humour helps along the way!

For all advertising enquiries or bookings, please contact our editor;

 Tarnya Cook
Editor + Owner
0404 260 679