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Are you a change maker?
Do you live to make a difference in women’s lives?
Are you a coach, mentor, holistic practitioner, marketing or brand expert (the list goes on)?
Do you want to grow your personal brand online?
Do you want to enrich the lives of others?

We are looking for you! Australian Content Magazine is the online magazine for women who want to live their best life … and they are ready to get it. But they need your help.

Our readers are savvy, positive-minded go-getters who crave to live their best lives and make their mark on the world. They want to be the very best versions of themselves. They thrive on mindset enrichment, they nourish themselves with informative articles and they are inspired by positive editorials on women, just like them, who have found the way to their most amazing version of their life.


BECOME A PARTNER … join The Champagne Set – the toast of their field!


What is The Champagne Set?

By joining to become part of The Champagne Set, you are joining an exclusive society of women who’s mission is to educate and inspire others – and here is your home away from home, right here at Australian Content Magazine. As an Official Partner you will have the opportunity to contribute monthly informative articles for our readers and raise your online profile and start growing your online empire!

You will be recognised throughout the magazine and our online profiles as an expert in your field, someone who is the toast of their field.

We understand that in small business – especially if you are a soloprenuer – things can get a little lonely. It’s hard to know where to promote your services, who to talk to for guidance, or where your clients are hanging out. Well guess what?

Chances are your exact ideal client is browsing the pages of Australian Content Magazine as we speak! We attract women aged 35 to 44 who are looking to be the very best versions of themselves they can be … and that’s where you come in!

Join The Champagne Set to raise your online expert profile and get more clients! Our Champagne Set partners articles are some of the highest read on our site each month, and for those who have chosen to join, are gaining customers right here.

Our partners contribute content for us on a monthly basis and are featured on the Home Page of our site for the entire month. Content can be in the form of written articles, TV or Radio Shows – it’s all about creating reader trust … with you! And we all know people buy from people they trust.

Want some of what they’re having?

What are you waiting for?

For just $25 per month you will:

  • Contribute monthly articles to inspire and motivate our readers and drive traffic to your own site.
  • Have a bio with photo and link at the bottom of your article, to drive traffic to your own website. If they love what they are reading they can become part of your own tribe.
  • Be seen on The Champagne Set partners section on the home page, opening to your own page which includes your name, business name, bio, photo and link to your website.
  • Receive Discounted tickets to all our live events – we will be looking at some fun and collaborative events for our readers to attend around Australia including workshops, lunches, social and networking events.
  • Become a member in our private Facebook Group where we will be masterminding on our businesses, supporting and inspiring each other and keeping up on the latest Content Mag news. And even bringing in the occasional guest to share their knowledge and answer questions.
  • Be invited to participate in an interview style lunch series with our Editor exclusively for The Champagne Set which will then be featured in the magazine.
  • Receive discounts to all our add on advertising options, perfect for that that extra bit of exposure or are running a launch/sales campaign you want to get more traffic to.

Join today and start contributing content, grow your online expert profile and be a part of a supportive community of women whose aim is to educate and inspire women across Australia.


This is the perfect opportunity for online coaches, mentors, holistic practitioners, marketing and brand experts or any entrepreneur with an online presence to raise your expert profile!

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